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“PAKSERVICE” company WAS FOUNDED IN 1991. Ever since then, our company has been engaged in the design and manufacture of filling and packing equipment.

Our company uses components of such world famous brands as Delta Electronics, Autonics, Festo, Camozzi.

Our automatic lines and semi-automatic machines are designed for dosing, filling and packaging liquid, pasty and difficult-to-flow products in polymer containers, doy-packs, glass containers, PET bottles, etc.

Containers are sealed with aluminum foil lids with a heat-sealable layer, aluminum caps and plastic lids.

With the help of our equipment, it is possible to pack and pack sour cream, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, processed cheese, sunflower oil, wine, cognac, vodka, honey, ketchup, mustard, sauces, tkemali, household chemical goods, food concentrates and other products of a similar nature.

Our automatic lines have a capacity of 500 to 3000 cups per hour and perform in an automatic mode such functions as: dosing, feeding cups, laying foil, thermo-sealing, laying a protective cover, stamping a date, displaying packaged products.

Our company employs highly qualified specialists, whose deep knowledge and hard work ensures the high quality and reliability of our equipment.

The partners of our company are: “Bright Industry”, “Santa”, “GMT Produktebi”, “Natural +”, “Soplis Nobati”, “Nikora”, “Agroconsortium Tserovani”, “Alpen Milk”, “Mitana”, “Kobuleturi” and many others.

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